Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spotlight On Rabbi Mike of Easy Circumcision



No doubt a touchy subject, but it's a conversation that usually happens with each of my clients at some point.  We discuss it in Your Best Birth Class™ and we watch a teaching video as well. Information is power, after all. There are many reasons one might or might not choose circumcision for their son, but this isn't the blog for that.

birth | Fort Worth - Voted Best Doulas in Fort Worth Instead, what I'd like to do here is shine a much deserving spotlight on Rabbi Mike Rovinsky.

Rabbi Mike, as he is known, is a certified Mohel and has been practicing since 1988. He has performed over 13,500 circumcisions and has additional training from Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital in dealing with unusual and more complex circumcisions. The man is fantastic at what he does.



Recently, I was invited by a client to attend the circumcision of her son and I graciously accepted.  Not only was I thrilled to be able to support her and her family but I was curious and excited to see the process first hand. Afterward, we visited about her experience.

1.  Why did you choose Rabbi Mike?

Rabbi Mike's name had come up several times in my prenatal visits and everyone talked about him with such great respect, and word of mouth recommendations mean a lot to me.  I decided to look up his website and after reading up on his vast experience and how the procedure is done, I felt completely comfortable scheduling with him.  My pediatrician backed my decision 100%.  She would have referred me out to a circumcision clinic, but after hearing about what I had researched and learned about Rabbi Mike she said that I likely made the right decision for my family and situation.

In addition, at the circumcision clinic it would have been one patient right after the other.  The amount of time for any local anesthetic to set in with that type of situation is likely not ideal, and Rabbi Mike's method calls for very little need for anesthesia.  It would only take 20-30 seconds, whereas the clinic would need at least 20-30 min for the procedure.

When I ultimately called to schedule the visit, Rabbi Mike himself answered the phone and was so nice.  He confirmed with us the week before and made sure we knew where to go and when to be there.  That personal attention was shocking (especially in this day and age), but was so comforting.  All of these small details added up to us choosing Rabbi Mike.

2.  How do you feel about your experience using Rabbi Mike?

I was nervous about traveling out to Dallas to have the procedure done, but rightly any parent of a newborn would be.  Although we were one among many that day, I felt comfortable with the procedure since I had already done so much research and Rabbi Mike made sure that everyone was well taken care of.  I pretty much knew what to expect, but Rabbi Mike talked us through each part.  My doula was with me (for moral support) and he had her hold the baby's legs. That was such a huge relief because I had already been through a tongue tie revision where I had to hold my newborn while his lip and tongue were being lasered.  I appreciated the break.

He had an intern with him observing the procedure and even had him participate in the beginning.  He asked for permission before he did anything with the baby.  The procedure was very quick.  Rabbi Mike kept a bit of humor through the whole thing which lightened the mood.  Although I may not have caught all of his jokes and puns (he laughed about giving us "tips" before we left), I appreciated that he was helping us to release some stress!

Although the baby cried when his arms were swaddled, he immediately stopped crying after the procedure when Rabbi Mike let his arms loose and handed him to me to hold.  That made me feel so much better! I knew he wasn't in extreme pain. Recovery was super quick, completely healed within ~4 days and baby wasn't fussy like with my other 2 boys.

"I'm so happy that we made this decision and went a bit more non-traditional (as in, not what would happen at the hospital) for this baby.  It's so great to know that there are so many options for things like this that many parents wouldn't even think about!"





My Thoughts on the Experience

1. It was so, so different that what I expected.  To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I expected walking in... but what I experienced was a good surprise.  Rabbi Mike is such a genuinely nice- and funny- guy!  It is obvious that he cares about each family he encounters and each baby is treated with such respect.

2. It was so, so quick!  The procedure is incredibly quick- literally 30 seconds or less, even, from start to finish and there was very little blood.  It is obvious that Rabbi Mike is very skilled at what he does.

3. The baby reacted very differently than I expected.  I was hardening myself for wailing; the gut-wrenching type that makes your heart break into a million pieces.  But, it just didn't happen.  I was holding the baby's legs so I had a front row seat but the baby let out a small cry and that was it.  It was over before I realized what was happening and baby went immediately to its mother and that was that.

For more information on Rabbi Mike Rovinsky, give him a call at 314-863-6986 or find him at