Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spotlight on Inner Light Chiropractic, Fort Worth Chiropractor Terry Garcia

Terry Garcia, DC and her husband Mark Scott, DC, both Webster Certified chiropractors aren't new to Fort Worth but they did just move to their new, beautiful location at 1616 5th Ave. in Fort Worth and it couldn't be more comfortable and inviting!

Inner Light Chiropractic, Fort Worth, TX, Webster Certified chiropractor

Terry first became interested in chiropractic care when she began working for a chiropractor after college.  At that time, she had no idea about alternative healthcare options.  Working there "opened me up to a whole new world," said Dr. Terry.

Now, through her practice at Inner Light Chiropractic, she works to empower women and moms in their journey.  Terry knows that as parents, we all want healthy, thriving kids and she and her husband work to ensure that their patients know all of their options. "All of these issues that parents think are common and normal but really aren't... it's amazing what a difference it makes for a child to have an open and clear nervous system and what an impact that has on their health!" shared Dr. Terry.

Fort Worth chiropractor, Inner Light

According to Dr. Terry, "New clients can expect two initial appointments.  The first is all about getting to know you.  Not just taking medical history but also learning about your goals, your birthing wishes, your lifestyle.  We also do a series of nervous system scans to help us gain more insight into how your body and nervous system is functioning.  It allows us, with our physical evaluation, to put together a care plan.  The second visit is going over scans and sitting down with them and helping them to see where they are at and discussing more about their goals and where they would like to be.  It is our goal to help our clients make lifelong change."

I just love Dr. Terry because her passion for her clients is apparent- she truly cares that women feel supported and empowered and she is working to create a community through her practice.  A patient can come to Inner Light and find like-minded, holistic resources- pediatricians, doulas, dentists and more.

"The biggest thing I want for people in our practice to take away is a sense of wholeness, that our bodies have the capability of healing... there is perfection within each of us and sometimes we need to remove the interference that is blocking that perfection."  


Join Dr. Terry at Inner Light Chiropractic for bi-weekly meetings Tuesday at 7pm.  Each meeting hosts a different speaker on a topic relevant to living a holistic lifestyle.  Nursing and lap babies are welcome and the meetings are open to everyone in the community, not just the patients of her practice.

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