Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Beauty Around Us

The Beauty Around Us- A Doula's Perspective | www.doulabarb.com

Beauty is all around us.  


It can be found in the raw, honest interactions within a family.  So can joy, humor and love.  It is an amazing thing to behold, truly.  Laughter between loved ones as they pass the hours waiting to meet the new baby.  Then, tears on a new father's face. A sweet kiss from great grandpa welcoming baby to the world. An enthusiastic handshake between the generations.  That look between a new mom and dad; the one where no words are needed.

It can be found in the nurse that stays hours past her shift to be with a laboring woman and her family because she's known them for years and truly cares and wants to see the sweet new baby born into the world.

It can be found in the patient hands of an OB doctor who walks the halls and chats with the family while he gives the laboring woman time to labor down and push without pressure or interference.  Patience can be a most valuable gift to a laboring woman.

It is found in the sweet moments as baby transitions from one world to the next...no longer in the womb, yet not fully a part of our world either.

The moment when mom first pulls baby to her breast and falls in love all over again.

The congratulations.  The handshakes.  The wishes for safe travels.

Then, a deserted highway on the drive home.  Stars shining bright, cool night air, smell of the Earth around me.

Beauty is everywhere.  I'm so glad I have to opportunity to look and truly see.

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  1. Such a wonderful post! The work we do is very beautiful (: